Social Integration

Social Integration services help refugees with adjusting to life in the United States

Social Integration (SI)

Social Integration (SI) services are a range of services designed for adults to help with psychological, intellectual, social or physical adjustments as part of living in the United States. Services include providing culturally and linguistically appropriate case management services and activities for refugees who may be experiencing difficulties and challenges related to adapting and/or understanding and navigating a new country.

SI services are provided to the following groups of refugees living in Alameda County:

  • Refugees, Asylees and Special Immigrant Visa holders ages 18-59 who are not enrolled in other Refugee Social Services programs
  • Refugees 60 years of age or older

Services available as part of SI include:

  • Orientation - Information, education, and activities to help refugees adjust to new social and cultural systems they may encounter as part of their new life in the U.S.
  • Naturalization Services - Services and activities to help refugees acquire and become U.S. citizens, such as English language training, application assistance, and interpreter services.
  • Welfare and Cash Aid Assistance - Improve understanding of cash, medical, social, employment as well as information on rights and responsibilities in program use.
  • Management of Personal Finances - Assistance with identifying official and junk mail, organization of household bills and budgeting. Education around understanding taxes, annual returns, interest, contract purchases and identity protection.
  • Housing - An understanding of landlord / tenant responsibilities, leases, rental agreements, utilities, deposits, appliances, safety, maintenance, and local housing standards.
  • Health - Awareness of mental health, health services and program information.
  • Education - Organizations and content of educational programs including their operation, availability, and staff / student responsibilities.
  • Human Resources - Information on standards of behavior in work, family and neighborhoods, and social situations. Including appropriate interactions and dealing with conflicts.
  • Aging and Adults Services - Connecting older refugees to Alameda County Social Services to access services such as Adult Day Care, Support Programs, Food and Nutrition and Senior Centers.
  • Counseling Services - Providing information on how to access counseling services for needs, such as family conflict, violence, and housing.
  • Legal Services - Guidance and information on how to access legal aid services.
  • Translation and Interpretation services.