Who We Are

We support the Agency by developing the Agency’s budget, providing timely and accurate information and analysis, and managing the accounting, claiming, contracting, facilities management, office services, purchasing, payment, financial reporting functions.

Interim Finance Director

Robert Woolley

Service Units

  • Budget and Forecasting - develops the Agency’s annual budget, provides quarterly financial forecasts, and develops multi-year budget forecasts. In addition, this unit analyzes the financial impact of proposed initiatives and Federal and State policy changes.
  • Contracts - provides support in conducting competitive bid solicitations to Agency departments and oversees the contracting process. In additions, this team evaluates purchase requests and advises on procurement policies, procedures, and strategies to ensure County procurement policies are followed by the Agency.
  • Facilities Management - coordinates with internal departments to facilitate moves and renovations to ensure new and long-term planning and development.
  • Internal Services and Procurement - procures goods and services for the Agency and manages all the Agency’s office services – including imaging, mail, office services and supplies, and records management.
  • General Accounting, Special Payments, and Audit - administers the Agency’s accounting functions and issues special payments. In addition, this unit coordinates and provides support for various outside audits of the Agency.
  • Payments and Claims - responsible for all Agency payments to vendors as well as the Agency’s Federal and State revenue claiming activities.