Council for Age-Friendly Communities


The Alameda County Council for Age Friendly Communities (Age-Friendly Council) coordinates efforts to effect policy and system changes that enhance the overall well-being of older adults who live in Alameda County, engaging leaders, consumers, and providers to develop and sustain a community framework that fosters healthy aging. The Council is a forum for expanding resources, services, and access to services and increasing collaboration among many stakeholders, including County departments, cities, and CBOs. Council members are invited by the leadership of the Alameda County Social Services Agency and the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency.

The Council:

  • Facilitates communication between leaders, consumers, and providers that identify key issues for healthy aging communities;
  • Maintains committees on Policy and Legislation, Data and Impact Analysis, and Age Friendly Communities;
  • Conducts impact evaluations and analyzes the effectiveness of age friendly programs;
  • Makes policy recommendations and advances initiatives that promote the health and social well-being of older adults;
  • Hosts public forums on the state of aging in Alameda County;
  • Supports initiatives and programs that serve older adults through public outreach, advocacy and sharing resources;
  • Provides expertise to policy makers and community-based programs that serve older adults to enact policies and practices that impact aging communities; and
  • Provides reports to the Alameda County Commission on Aging, the Board of Supervisors, and other interested parties on the initiatives impacting the older adult population in Alameda County

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